Why Do Christians Celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday is a religious observance holiday of Christians marking the Jesus Christ’s crucifixion as well as his death. This day is celebrated on the preceding Friday of Easter Sunday and even known as Easter Friday, Great Friday, Holy Good Friday.


In other words, this day is observed on the last Friday of the Easter Holy Week. In all the Catholic churches, this day is seen as a day of fasting, and even in some, it is celebrated by performing liturgical services in the afternoon. Though this was a day when Jesus died, it is observed in remembrance for his sacrifice for humankind. Good Friday 2019 will be on 19th April 2019. Good Friday is the bleak as well as a dark event, but still, we call it “good”. Why? Because it is one of those crucial days in the lives of Christians which is considered to be the decisive turning point for humanity which is proclaimed by the resurrection of Jesus.

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This day is remembered for the sufferings and sacrifice of Jesus and died for the sins of others. On this day, Jesus was raised over the crimes and hailing his victory. The word “good” in Good Friday is significantly appropriate because through Jesus crucifixion was terrible, but it appropriately marked the plan of God in saving people from committing sins.

Christians celebrate this day in meditation, fasting and prayer repentance in remembrance of the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus Christ. The Cross is an essential symbol of Good Friday because when Jesus was crucified, he was nailed on to the Cross. It is a sad day and not even celebrated with any decorations or flowers. Furthermore, all the churches are left in the dark with a simple Cross. In some of the countries, this day is celebrated by re-enacting the last days of the life of Jesus, and in India, many people attend prayers in churches.

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